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AKILA Talks About His Birth Experience


Hello world!
My name is Akila!

(n. ah'KEE'lah, meaning eagle)

I'm born! Hello world! MY NAME IS AKILA
My Mommy, Can Ch. Windstorm Ny An'Ah was in a rush to get us out and growing up and exploring the world. As I recall, we all wanted to stay inside her where it was warm, comfy, and the food was always hot and yummy!

Anyways, the five of us got together for a pack meeting and discussed the rank and file.

"Well," the Large One said, "I'll go first." We agreed (who's to argue?), then Bossy said, "Since the Large One is a cream lady and her Twin is a cream lady, the Twin should go next." Made sense, we thought, but who's going next?

"Well, isn't it obvious?" said Bossy, meaning herself of course, because she's a light golden girl. That meant that the two grizzles, Boy and Baby became the rear guard. The Large One said, "Imagine a train. The engine (me) is the largest. The next car is the same colour as the engine (that's the Twin). Then the precious cargo comes in the middle (that'll be Bossy) Then comes the nuts and bolts car in case anything goes wrong, he can fix it (that's Boy) and then comes the smallest car, the caboose (that's Baby) but that's where all the big decisions are made."

Since Baby was a girl and she was the smallest, it made sense and Baby felt like she was the first! Anyways, who could argue with Bossy, the Large One and the Twin?

So that's how we came out: the Large One (cream lady), the Twin (cream lady), Bossy (grizzle lady), Boy (darker grizzle fellow), and not the least, Baby (light golden girl).

On our first day in the real world, we got our litternames which honoured the Dixie Chicks popular music group. So, the Large One became CHICK, Twin became EMILY, Bossy became NATALIE, Boy (that's ME) became MARTY (sorry, 'Martie'), and Baby became DIXIE.

For the public record, I was one of a litter of five wonderful Saluki Hounds born in the United States of America between 10 and 11:30 on Wednesday evening, May 9, 2001 at DJ's Shwana Salukis kennel. My registered name is Windstorm Shwana Black Piano. But you can call me Akila or Aki or Keela or Handsome! (blush)

So, hello world, will you love us like our Mommy and Daddy does?
We're one day old and at the milk bar!
Day 1 photo.
Natalie a.k.a. the Large One weighs 21 ounces,
Chick a.k.a. the Twin weighs 20 ounces,
 Emily a.k.a. Baby weighs 16 ounces,
 ME, AKILA a.k.a. Marty weighs 21 ounces, and
Dixie a.k.a Bossy weighs 21 ounces.

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