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"A Thousand Marbles" by N9AVG

An internet legend.
This short story warms the heart!


I am the main operator for these two Amateur Radio Stations. I enjoy the hobby talking and building things. Amateur radio operators usually talk your ears off then listen to you talk their ears off, too! How's that for fairness, equality, and interest?  Over, ...

Our Saluki Hounds

Salukis are thought to be ancestors of today's greyhound (they were once called Persian Greyhounds). When the Romans conquered Egypt, they brought Salukis back to Rome and crossed them with other breeds to form the basis for modern greyhounds. Salukis were known throughout the Middle East and Asia, being the hunting dog of Egyptian Pharaohs, companion to the Emperor of China and to Persian rulers. It has been said that whenever one sees references to "dog" in the Bible in a positive light, it refers to the Saluki. -- Excerpted from Saluki Secrets: A New Owner Guide to Living Successfully with a Saluki by Cherie Fehrman.

My LT1 1LE Z/28

How to figure out MPG in Canada.

The mileage as of April 2, 2004 was 11, 591 miles (18,655 km).  Click the title and you'll see my sportscar, a Canadian Z/28 six-speed with special performance option: 1LE.

What makes the 1LE so special? Chevrolet identified the Z/28 1LE as "engineered specifically for professional racing and is intended for serious performance enthusiasts only." Read about the history of the 1LE copied from an article that used to be on

How my Z/28 1LE sounds at an idle.

I parked her last summer, 2011 and she's up to just 48,000 kilometres which is about 30,000 miles and she's on the second last set of fresh OEM GS-C tires to ever be made by Goodyear.
She still looks like the day she was made in December, 1993; yup, I got her build sheet, too!

My 2000 BMW R1200C Avantgarde motorcycle

All you'll get on this link is a picture of me on my bike before my diet (oh boy!). Now that I'm riding the motorbike my dad used to ride among others (Beemer, Zundapp, and Harley), I'll have to get a Harley like my mother and her father used to ride and then I'll be full circle.

When I win the lotto, I'll buy a WAKAN S&S-powered Harley-Sportster-type V-twin Hundred Roadster in Red Satin with White Pearl legend stripes and along with that a Peraves BMW K1200-powered cabin motorcycle described by enthusiasts as the closest one gets to flying an aeroplane and still be on the road. It can carry two of my Salukis in air-conditioned comfort and still I'd still be driving a motorcycle; how cool is that? Oh yeah, top speed is 200 m.p.h. Meanwhile, I'm still saving . . .

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