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Please enjoy this whimsical visual novelette that we concocted to pass the lonely months from liaison to litter.
The Royal Courtship Of Trumpet And Ny An'Ah


Presenting Prince Trumpet and Princess Ny An'Ah as photographed by the Royal Matchmaking Auxiliary.
Prince Trumpie
This charmer is DJ McClain's
AmCan Ch. Shwana Sarea Silver Trumpet
who sired our Ny An'Ah's litter on Mother's Day, 2001

Princess Ny An'Ah
Our treasured friend and companion
Her Royal Highness,
Can Ch. Ny An'Ah
top Our romance begins when an admiring glance toward the winner's circle (1) is rewarded by a wink and smalltalk at the evening soiree. (2). The appropriate marriage vows were exchanged and our fairy tale begins. Noticeably apparent were the couple's happy smiles and frolicking expressions of joy (3) regarding their wedding night consummation. Later, during a total eclipse of the sun, we found the royal couple sharing a moment, (4) romantically oblivious to anyone but the other dreamboat. After visiting Dr. Schultz's clinic for a regularly scheduled checkup, the royal couple announces Her Royal Highness's pregnancy to the world. News tabloids herald the proclamation with a monograph from the ultrasound that coincidentally shows our puppy-in-waiting AKILA licking his paw (5). On Day 30 of H.R.H.'s pregnancy, a paparazzi photographs our dreamboat growing puppies while basking in the sun and she rises to the photo-op and graces the admiring world with a still-shapely profile of a royal mother-in-waiting (5) even though on Day42, spycam snapshots were discovered (6 and 7). On Day 51, the Royals spent a day at the races, and the gamblers there predicted that on Wednesday, May 9, 2001, Princess Ny An'Ah would deliver a litter of six (four princesses and two princes) with four grizzled coats of varying shades and two coats of cream/golds (7). On May 7th, the Princess's temperature was holding pretty steady at 100.6F, and was being monitored regularly as the predicted date approaches... Well, at least the moment of birth was properly predicted and on Day 63, five healthy puppies were born - four girls and one boy, AKILA!(8)

DJ McClain and Trumpet have just won the Bred By Exhibitor Class at the Kentucky show.


Ny An'Ah
"Say, now THAT'S one handsome hunk!"
Ny An'Ah
"Hmmmmm.... Is he available?"

Trumpet giving a wink to Nyanah
Flirting will get you everywhere...

It's Friday morning, March 9, 2000 at DJ's. Hmm... why is Prince Trumpet smiling?


Nyanah's lolling about like the Queen of Sheba
And Guess Who's lolling about like the Queen of Sheba?
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True love. We've lots to learn from our canine companions
We've lots to learn about love from our companions.
AKILA's ultrasound shows him licking his paw inside his mother's womb at three weeks old
The 'circle at the story of the funnel' is puppy Aquila (AKILA) who makes his internet debut as an embryo.

If you look closely, you can see that he's licking his paw. The countdown to a Mother's Day litter continues...

Nyanah at day 30 of her pregnancy and standing up in the springtime sunshine
Mother-in-waiting Ny An'Ah shows us a ladylike profile in the springtime sunshine on Day 30.
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Sneaky Pete's sold it to the paparazzi
Great Scott!! Someone in the household has taken spycam snaps of HRH Ny An'Ah enjoying a well-deserved rest in the Royal Boudoir on Day 42 of her pregnancy but the tabloids have blown it way out of the realm of common sense. Hmmmm, the spearhead shape is most interesting! Could it have been Col. Mustard's trusted man-servant, Sneaky Pete, back from a safari in the Kalahari??
Nyanah in bliss as Trumpie maintains composure
Egads!! Can you believe the tabloid headlines!!?

"Prince Trumpie sez,
'I didn't do it! She's just playing dead!'
but K-9 investigation continues...

Nyanah and Trumpie on the green on day 51 of her pregnancy
Day 51 and the Princess is chatting with the Prince from the Viewing Gallery during Race Day at DJ's. She's gained seven pounds since Day 24.
"A healthy measure for our Princess who's right on target, dearies," said the Royal Midwife.
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Story of Akila's birth
Well, the moment of birth was properly predicted and on Day 63, five healthy puppies were born! AND THAT'S another story. By the way, AKILA's litter name was Marty.
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