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Canadian Z/28 six-speed with special performance option: RPO 1LE

Potential top speed as equipped is 190 MPH (300 KMH)

Mileage as of April 2, 2004 was 11,591 miles (18,655 km)
Mileage as of July 26, 2009 was 28,150 miles (45,300 km)

What makes the 1LE so special? -- Chevrolet identified the 1LE as "engineered specifically for professional racing and is intended for serious performance enthusiasts only."

Provenance: I have the original buyer order sheet, original factory build sheet, original window sticker, the original dealer order binder pages 1 through D including the Colours And Trims page, several brochures, and GM documentation certifying that it is one of 21 such cars produced for use in Canada and one of only 135 such cars made in 1994. I also have the two volume GM Service Manuals (part nos. GMP/94F-1 and GMP/94F-2). Read more about the history of RPO 1LE here at 1le_history.html

She's no C5 Corvette - I do love their looks - but she is more fun to drive as her curb weight is only 3,100 pounds which is the same as Corvette's Z06 racing hardtop. Her only options - other than the formidable 1LE special performance components package - is a heater/defogger and a simple radio/cassette! No sissy stuff in this exciting ride!

I am her second owner and I bought her on April 2, 2004. On that day, she saw her first raindrop. My museum-quality 1LE has been street-driven, garage-kept, and lovingly covered since she was new -- she's never been to the track!! -- and get this, she's still on factory rubber when I parked her this October! She still sports her original Purple Pearl Metallic paint over a two-tone charcoal grey interior; beautiful. When you see her underside in the photos below, you'll see that the paint there is as clean as the outside. All of the oils and lubricants have always been MOBIL 1 and her gasoline has always been SUNOCO 94. 

Big point, the 1994 ILE was the FIRST year of fourth generation Camaro Z/28s where their Corvette LT1 engines changed to SFI Sequential Fuel Injection and used Mass Air Flow control. The factory also changed the fuel injectors to 24-pound versions which helped to improve idle, driveability, and fuel economy (her window sticker says: 20 city/34 highway). On a recent highway-only trip with the 4:10s, she averaged 29 mpg over two tanks at 70 mph!
Here's a GM paintchip to show off the Purple Pearl Metallic colour; too bad the sun's not beaming on it to make it glow: paintchip-purple pearl iridescent
Some $2,030.40US worth of aftermarket bolt-on accessories replaced perfectly good OEM equipment, starting with (front-to-back):
  1. K&N FILTERCHARGER Injection Performance Kit (part no. 57-3010, $192.95US)
    including K&N RECHARGER Filter Care Service Kit (part no. 99-5050, $9.95US) 
  2. HYPERTECH Power Pulleys (part no. 3076, $79.95US) 
  3. HYPERTECH 160 degree PowerStat (part no. 1008, $19.95US) 
  4. HYPERTECH Air Charger (part no. 4000, $49.95US) 
  5. INTRAX Lowering Sport Springs - two inches! - (part no. 25.1.005, $289.00US) 
  6. JET Performance Products Skip Shift Eliminator (part no. JET-61610, $30.00US) 
  7. HYPERTECH Power Programmer Plus (part no. 340752, $349.95US) 
  8. HURST Competition Plus Internal Rail Shifter (part no. 391 0060, $152.95US) 
  9. HURST Hurst Black Classic 6-Speed Shifter Knob (part no. HUR-1630116, $34.95US)
  10. RICHMOND GEAR Hi-Performance Ring And Pinion - 4.10! - (part no. 69-0322-1, $222.95US)
  11. RICHMOND GEAR Install Kit (part no. 83-1044-1, $92.95US)
  12. T.A. PERFORMANCE Rear End Girdle including main cap stud kit (part no. TA 1809/1012, $149.95/$25.00US)
  13. and finishing with the (I like it) throaty HOOKER Super Competition cat-back exhaust (part no. 16827, $329.95US).
K&N Engineering air filtersHYPERTECH engine accessories inTrax suspensionJETchip performance products HURST shifters RICHMOND gearsAUBURN gears and driveline components Hooker cat-back exhaust systems.
I'm keeping the OEM pulleys, suspension springs, shifter, gears, differential cover, and exhaust system downstairs
for that sunset time of my life when I'll reluctantly decide that show is more important than GO....


There's a racetrack nearby and I'm thinking of taking driving lessons there, after all the 1LE option was offered by Chevrolet for SCCA racing! Even if I trade-in my as-new 1LE racecar for a regular C5 Corvette, some professional driving lessons on a closed-circuit course is just the thing I need to start learning about! Here's a Calabogie Motorsports Park page of in-car videos of their course as of July 2009. Their site is Check them out.
This QuickTime slideshow will show you every clickable image that follows (get QuickTime viewer)

Leaving its former home to visit Mr. Mechanic for a safety check (April 2, 2004) DCP_0574.JPG
I see the racecar for the first time. (February 29, 2004)  DCP_0473.JPG
Original Purple Pearl Metallic paint is subtle eye-candy. (February 29, 2004) DCP_0474.JPG
(February 29, 2004) DCP_0477.JPG
Neat vanity plates! (Original owner's plates and our Ministry Of Transport says he can't sell 'em. Sheesh!) (February 29, 2004) DCP_0468.JPG
So clean and perfect inside, too! (February 29, 2004) DCP_0469.JPG
DCP_0470.JPG (February 29, 2004) DCP_0470.JPG
DCP_0475.JPG (February 29, 2004) DCP_0475.JPG
No-nonsense operating position. (February 29, 2004) DCP_0476.JPG
018655 = 11, 591 original miles!  (February 29, 2004) DCP_0480.JPG
At the garage. (April 2, 2004) DCP_0576.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0577.JPG
Andy the mechanic is checking out her every nook and cranny. (April 2, 2004) DCP_0596.JPG
 Part of what makes the 1LE so special. (April 2, 2004) DCP_0579.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0595.JPG
Everything looks normal or better than normal. (April 2, 2004) DCP_0578.JPG
 (April 2, 2004) DCP_0587.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0580.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0583.JPG
This is an eleven-year-old underbody! (April 2, 2004) DCP_0582.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0594.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0591.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0590.JPG
Properly protected. (April 2, 2004) DCP_0581.JPG
Part of what makes the 1LE so special. (April 2, 2004) DCP_0588.JPG
She's so clean! (April 2, 2004) DCP_0584.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0585.JPG
  She's new home and feels her first raindrops! (April 2, 2004) DCP_0599.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0598.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0601.JPG
(April 2, 2004) DCP_0600.JPG
  Her fancy vanity plates arrive! (April 23, 2004) DCP_0652.JPG
  Her new tail lights arrive! (August, 2005) NightLights.jpg

Here's a spam-free way of sending me a comment about my pages.

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