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Here's Johnny!Hello there and may God Bless you, your family, and loved ones, both two- and four-footed!

My name is Johnny and my Saluki companion and I live in a nice wooded area within the National Capital Greenbelt that surrounds the newly expanded City of Ottawa, Canada's federal capital and our town.

It's so peaceful and natural out here that a nice doe swooshed past me within an arm's length as I was chatting to a neighbour and jumped the six-foot fence into the dog run, bumped my canoe off of its stands then jumped out the other side of the run leaving tummy hairs on both fence rails! Good thing my pooches only saw this brief intrusion from indoors \\:-))

By now - if you don't already know - you're probably asking yourself, 'What is a Saluki?' Click and read "Saluki History and Temperament" an excerpt from Saluki Secrets: A New Owner Guide to Living Successfully with a Saluki by Cherie Fehrman.

Enough about me, you came here to see my Salukis!
I hope that you enjoy LEO's websites.

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Welcome To Our Saluki Startpage

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I'll have some for Auntie CHINA soon.
This weekend, LEO and I are bringing Uncle AKILA's sister CHINA home with us.

I'll be updating this page with LEO and Auntie CHINA's stuff,
meanwhile here's the rest of the old page; enjoy!

Sadly, Uncle AKILA died three weeks ago.
¤ May 2001 to May 2009 ¤
Mother's Day to Earth Day

Although LEO's going to be two years old on the long weekend in May, here are a few pictures of LEO and two of his sisters when they were about eight weeks old: 1, 2, 3 (3's my favourite because I think he looks so mischievious!) and here are a few pictures with his other littermates: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 . Check out LEO's blog entry during summer camp 2008 for recent photos of his littermates.

May 2, 2009
My playful Saluki Hound AQUILA aka AKILA or AKI, was the king of the castle. His full name was Windstorm Shwana Black Piano. Sadly, he died on Earth Day, 2009 just days before his eighth birthday which would have been on Mother's Day.

August 2007
AKILA and I have welcomed the newest member of our family. whose name is LEONIDAS, which is tres cool, although he likes to be called LEO. LEO enjoys being with his uncle AKI and will give him a sporting buddy. It's all working out great! Since then, all three of us lads shared the greatest of moments together as you can see from the video \\:-)
Click Aquila's Ultrasound to see the happy puppy in the womb AKILA's late mother NYANAH, was Can Ch. Windstorm NY AN'AH who died during Easter 2007. NYANAH came from Randy and Starr White's Windstorm Salukis kennel and his dad TRUMPIE, is DJ McClain's AmCan Ch. Shwana Sarea Silver Trumpet. Click through the family scrap book and read an account of his late mother's fairytale engagement and joyous pregnancy.

AKILA was the only boy in a litter of five. If you've got time to spend you may wish to see AKILA when he was three weeks old in his mother's womb, see his litter pictures, read AKILA's own account of his birth.

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